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Thinking Of Building a Patio ?

When you build a patio you are extending your living space as well as improving your garden or backyard. Think of a patio as you would any extension to your home. Many people are now taking this to the very limit and include outdoor cooking appliances, a fireplace to gather round when the sun starts to drop and even built in bars for when they are entertaining, are all now becoming popular features to the patio area.

A well designed and built patio has many uses and you should give a lot of thought to what you consider your primary one will be before you start building. Are you a sun lover who just requires somewhere to escape to with a good book? Will your patio be somewhere for the children to play without ruining the lawn?

Perhaps you do a lot of entertaining and want to move your parties to the outdoors or you are a big BBQ fan and love to cook outdoors. Whatever your main reason for wanting to build a patio you should also consider its other uses as well and perhaps list them in priority as it will help you when it comes to the design.

You will also need to decide what your patio will be constructed with, timber decking or a more traditional paved patio. Timber decking is a great way to provide a level surface to a sloping garden but is not always practical if the home is brick without some excavation.

Building a patio will improve the value of your home and make it much more desirable if it were to go on the market. As people now live longer and have more free time, it is the garden many people look to as a place to enjoy this time. The backyard is now a major factor when people are looking to buy a new home. Not just the size, but the overall layout and design. A small garden that is well landscaped with a nice feature such as a paved or deck patio will look far more appealing than a large, unkempt backyard.

Building a patio is well within the capabilities of the competent DIY fan and there is plenty of tips and advice throughout the site but even if you are having the contractors in to build your patio, it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with some of the methods so that you understand what should and shouldn't be done when you build a patio.


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