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Build a Patio Cover

You will need to get the relevant permits and permissions before building a patio cover.

Deciding on what your cover will be made of will depend on your weather conditions. There are many different kits available made from metal, wood, plastic or vinyl but they should be rated for certain weather conditions. Your main concern should be wind and snow rather than rain and cold.

A strong wind can easily rip a thin metal roof from its fixings and launch it into the neighbors green house. Snow is heavy and can make a thin plastic roof collapse.

If you live in an area prone to strong winds I would give serious consideration to a retractable patio awning. You can leave it down all summer and then come fall, give it a wash down and retract it until next spring. Some high end awnings come with wind sensors built in so if you are out and the wind gets up, they automatically retract out of harms way.

There are many patio covers available in flat pack but if you want to build your own from scratch you can use a pergola design with a few alterations.

If your patio is free standing and not attached to your home you can follow the design of our free standing pergola but use post piers or anchors instead of post spikes. Simply add the roof in the material of your choice.

Attaching a patio cover to your home again is very similar to the lean to pergola but with the following differences.

Joist to masonry. Drill and fix 1 of the joists to your wall with sleeve anchor bolts. You do not need to have the joist standing off the wall this time because the roof and flashing will take away the rain water.

Joist to timber frame. Mark where the joist will be positioned and cut the siding out. Leave enough room between the top of the joist and the siding above to accept your roof board and flashing. Screw to the house frame with lag screws.

Posts. Position your post anchors (if your patio is concrete and you have something substantial to drill into) or insert post piers and set anchors in them for the two end posts.



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