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Positioning the concrete deck piers.

You should have your deck marked out with lines and the required area dug out as shown on the ground preparation page and if the deck is to be attached to your home you should have the joist fixed with your lines running from it.

The positions, depths and the distances apart of your concrete deck piers will vary from deck to deck and will be dependent on style of deck and code enforcement or building regulations in your area.

If your deck is to be attached to your home you can temporarily fix the 2 outer joists so that you can be sure you have the piers set in the exact position required. Screw the end joists to the end of the attached joist while someone holds the other end for you. Knock a stake in at the other end and level the joist then screw the joist at that end.

Check for square with the 3-4-5 method. If you have any piers to install to the internal part of your deck, use lines attached to the outer joists to find the position. Use a plumb line from the line to floor if your deck is high.

If your deck is free standing you can construct the frame then lay it in position to mark your pier spots.

When positioning the deck piers remember the timber post that sits on the pier is bolted to the side of the joists.

Construct your piers either by forming your own or using ready made ones as shown here.


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