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Preparing the ground before you build a decking.

Mark out the proposed area of the decking with stakes and builders line. Knock your stakes in at least 2 ft wider than the decking area.

Ensure the corners are at right angles by using a large builders square or use the 3-4-5 method.

3-4-5 method. Measure along one of the lengths and mark at 3 ft by tying a piece of string around the builders line. Measure along the other line and mark at 4 ft.

The distance between the two marks should be exactly 5 ft. Adjust one of the lines until you have 3-4-5

For large decking areas simply multiply for greater accuracy, i.e. 6-8-10

Use one of your floor joists as a straight edge and level the lines by adjusting the depths of the stakes.

If your decking is going to be attached to your home you will need to attach the support joist into position and then run your lines from that by tapping in a couple of nails to tie the line to.

Remove any grass or lawn by digging out and level off the ground the best you can making sure there are no stones or rocks sticking out from the ground.

If you are attaching your deck to your home below the damp proof course you may need to dig out further. Run a level off from the bottom of the joist attached to your home and make sure you have plenty of ground clearance.


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