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Patio Covers

For most of us, the roof over our heads will be our most significant, and most expensive, investment.  Enhancing the beauty, value and liveability of that investment is a major goal of many homeowners and one of the best ways to accomplish all three goals is the addition of a patio cover.  The simple addition of a patio cover can transform the patio from the site of summer picnics and barbecues to a year round retreat from the stresses of daily live.

A patio is, after all, an extension of the home itself, and simply adding a quality patio cover can greatly increase the living space of the home, while at the same time enhancing its value and beauty.  Patios are a wonderful addition to any home, and a covered patio can greatly increase the value and options of such an outdoor oasis.

For instance, the addition of a patio cover can make it possible to BBQ even after the traditional cookout season has ended.  With a patio cover, you can have an outdoor kitchen as well as an indoor one, providing additional excitement and more choices for your family.

Patio covers can also help transform an ordinary patio into a pleasant location for a spa or hot tub.  Adding a spa, hot tub or pool enclosure to a patio is a great way to enjoy the outdoors without any of the cold or discomfort that can ruin the experience.

Covering the patio can also provide much needed protection for patio furniture, grills, tables and other patio accessories.  Even patio furniture designed to be weatherproof can be damaged by wind, rain and snow, and many dark colored patterns will fade significantly in the sun as well.  Covering the patio will help homeowners avoid these problems while enhancing the livability of the outdoor space.

There are of course many different patio covers to choose from, in a variety of different materials.  Many homeowners prefer the natural and elegant look of wood patio covers, and wood patio covers can be designed to blend seamlessly with the interior and exterior landscape of the home.

Wood patio covers, however, also have their drawbacks, with a major one being the need for ongoing maintenance.  Wood patio covers will need occasional repainting, as well as protection from the damage caused by wind, rain, snow and other environmental damage.  Owners of wood patio covers should also be on the lookout for termite infestation and other pest problems.

For a more maintenance free patio cover, many homeowners are turning to the many new aluminum and acrylic patio covers on the market.  Aluminum and acrylic patio covers are designed to provide many years of maintenance free performance for homeowners who prefer to enjoy their outdoor homes rather than maintain it.

For those homeowners who seek a combination of the good looks and natural appeal of wood and the low maintenance of acrylic or aluminum, there are a number of synthetic wood patio covers on the market.  These synthetic wood products can be a good choice for those who like the natural look of wood but not the painting and ongoing maintenance.

The major downside of synthetic wood patio covers is the cost.  Since synthetic wood cannot be used as a structural support material, the patio cover will have to be covered using real wood beams.  This of course will greatly increase the cost of the entire patio cover project.

Clear glass is another choice for patio covers, and many homeowners prefer the brightness and classic good looks of glass patio covers.  Lattice work patio covers can also help sunlight stream in, and they provide for a less claustrophobic and sunnier outdoor experience.

There are also a number of fabric patio covers on the market today, in a number of different patterns and colors.  With all these choices of fabric, there is likely to be a color and pattern combination to match virtually any type of home décor.

Matching the décor of the home with the décor of the patio cover is an important consideration.  After all, the patio, and the patio cover, is an extension of the home itself, and it is important that it blend well into home environment.  A properly installed and attractive patio cover can provide a huge increase in living space at only a fraction of the price of adding a room or home addition.

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