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Water Features

For those of us that don't have a swimming pool to build a patio around we can bring the water to the patio.

Probably the only thing more mesmerising than watching flames dancing while relaxing on your patio at night is listening to the sound of trickling water during the day.

A water feature adds a calming effect to your patio area. It could be a simple wall mounted fountain or a mini pond incorporated into your patio such as the one pictured here.

Because of the amount of water a fountain like this uses, a reservoir is needed to feed it.

The reservoir is buried underground and your chosen water feature simply stands in it. Place some mesh over the top of the reservoir and then arrange stones and pebbles to create a stunning look.

Reservoirs come in different sizes so you can buy to match the size of one of your paving slabs.

Large water features such as the one above should only be used on a large patio area or set up a distance away. You want to create a tranquil effect with the gentle sound of trickling water not the noise of white water rapids thundering in your ears!

Many of the smaller water features are solar powered like the Chatsworth Tier Solar Fountain.  Solar power does away with the need to lay and bury cables but obviously need sunlight to work. This Sandstone fountain with globe is powered from the mains. The downside as already mentioned is you have a cable to hide but the benefit is that you can have a mains powered water feature running if you are using your patio after sunset.


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