Threaded Bar and Anchor Resin







Stainless steel threaded bar is perfect for fixing a decking joist to walls. It works in brick, block, concrete, even natural stone.

The threaded bar is cut to size and secured with anchor resin which is placed into the drilled hole via a mastic gun.

The hole should be free of debris. The kit above comes with brushes and an air pump for blowing the hole clean. I carry an old bike pump which does the same job.

Some brands of anchor resin are made specifically to get a good fix in brittle or crumbly material.

Anchor resin is extremely strong and designed for load bearing weight. The specially designed nozzle mixes the hardener as you apply it so once you have used it and it sets the nozzle is useless. Make sure the one you buy comes with at least one spare nozzle.

Tell your local builders merchant what type of masonry you are fixing to and they should be able to recommend an appropriate tube of anchor resin.


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