Concrete Post Piers

Wooden posts should never be concreted directly into the ground. Soil will eventually rot the bottom as it gets attacked from damp and termites. This is particularly important when building decking. You want it to last a life time but building a deck is like an iceberg, 90% of the work is unseen. If rot starts to occur you, won't know until its too late.

The depth of your hole is governed by your local climate. Basically, the colder it gets the deeper the frost penetrates and so the deeper the hole must be. The depth is often specified by local regulations so check with your building office.

There are several ways of building post piers and you can also buy them ready cast. You simply drop them into a hole you have part filled with concrete, work them down so they are protruding above ground level by 4" to 6" then level and wait for the concrete to set.

You can also form your own. We use plastic drainage pipe at the diameter required (6" 8" or 10" depending on weight carried). Dig your hole to required depth and about 16" wide. Put 6" of concrete in the bottom to act as a footing for the pier then cut the pipe so it will sit on the footing and 4" above ground level.

Wedge the pipe in place with brick or stone and firmly back fill around the pipe with soil, making sure the pipe remains upright. Stick a steel reinforcing bar inside the pipe pushed into the footing concrete and fill the pipe with concrete. Level off the top and insert a post anchor into the wet concrete.

Once its set, if you wish you can cut away the exposed plastic pipe that's showing above ground level.

Locating the points for your concrete deck piers is shown here.



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