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Brick Pavers

An alternative to paving stones, done correctly the look can be quite effective. It's also much easier to replace damaged brick in your patio than it is pavers or tiles.

Set your base out as described in Patio Construction. Fix your edgings to all open sides apart from 1 and work your way to that end.

Brick pavers are best laid dry and tight. Place 2 lengths of 2X1 timber about 1 yard apart onto your hardcore foundation with the 2" side laid flat. Fill in between the timbers with plenty of builders sand and then using a straight edge resting on both of your 2X1's, screed back in a sawing motion. This should give you a compact sand base 1" thick. Lay your brick pavers onto the sand and keep them tightly pressed up to each other. Repeat the process moving along your patio area.

Once you have laid all your brick pavers up to the open end, fix the remainder edging and complete the last row. Spread a fine dust sand over your new patio and brush into the gaps.

Brick paver designs

As you have probably guessed the basket weave bond is the easiest as there is no brick cutting. The running or stretcher bond can make a small patio look a lot longer or wider depending on which way you lay them.

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