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Patio Design Ideas

Take time over your patio design ideas because it is the most important part of your patio build.

Even if you are having your patio built by a builder you should design it yourself. You want the patio to be perfect for your needs and not what your builder thinks you need!

Things to consider before you start your patio design.

You have probably already decided what your patio will be used for - entertaining, somewhere to retreat etc. What your patio will be used for will dictate where it is going but remember it doesn't have to butt up to your home. If all day sun is your thing, a patio in the middle of a lawn or flower bed could be worth considering.

The choice of pavers available are endless. Concrete pavers come with different patterns imprinted on the face. Brick pavers, flagstones, cobblestones, tile and even slate all create their own unique look and texture. You will need to make your choice of paver before completing the final design of your patio.

Do the first outline sketches while you are looking at where your patio will be as its much easier to draw.

Use lines and pegs to mark out the border of your proposed patio. One great technique is to choose and buy your outdoor furniture, BBQ etc. and place it out where it will go once the patio is done. Get all the family outside to try the furniture. Is the patio going to be big enough?

When you are happy with the outline of your patio, do a full drawing. Include all the measurements of both your yard and the patio. That way you can see what it looks like to scale.

If you are building the patio yourself its a good idea to have your final measurements to suit your chosen patio slabs to avoid having to do any cutting.

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